Pop Sauce™

Put an exclamation point on your favorite foods!

Pop Sauce™ is the new standard of condiment from Cheeseboro Kitchens LLC that goes deliciously with your favorite foods and dishes.

"Pop"-ping Up At UES's Cafe Jax

UPPER EAST SIDE, NYC — We are happy to report our newest server and seller of Pop Sauce™, popular Upper East Side, NYC cafe and coffee shop Cafe Jax. Not only have they been packing them in for the excellent, delicious, variety of assorted coffee and tea beverages and sweet pastries from local bakeries, they also offer a full menu of savory options of sandwiches and salads.

And now they too are offering Pop Sauce for patrons to enjoying on their favorite in-house dishes, but also to purchase to take home to put on their own foods and favorite meals.

So if you find yourself in the Yorkville area, feel free to stop in for a tasty hot or cold beverage, enjoy one of their house-made sandwiches (like the chicken salad with apple and melted cheddar on ciabatta roll, pictured her), and "put an exclamation on it" with some Pop Sauce, and/or buy your own Pop Sauce while you're there.

What will you put your Pop Sauce on?