Pop Sauce™

Put an exclamation point on your favorite foods!

Pop Sauce™ is the new standard of condiment from Cheeseboro Kitchens LLC that goes deliciously with your favorite foods and dishes.

Pop Sauce Rules at Papaya King, NYC | POP SAUCE (USA)

Cheeseboro Kitchens is proud to announce that our Pop Sauce™ is now being served at iconic NYC hot dog emporium Papaya King, at its Upper East Side, Manhattan location!

Not only is Pop Sauce available as the "new standard of condiment" to top any of their snappy, tasty grilled frankfurters (or sausages, or fries, or any number of other delicious items they offer), but it is being featured on their special menu "Pop" Dog, served with sautéed onions, relish, and Pop Sauce.

On its first day at Papaya King (which was celebrating its 85th anniversary of booming business and popularity) food- and hot dog-lovers became immediate fans of Pop Sauce and the "Pop" Dog, ordering multiple "Pop" Dogs at a time, and adding Pop Sauce to their fries and onion rings as well.

And two ladies were so impressed with just a taste of Pop Sauce, they bought a whole bottle on the spot! 

Pop Sauce is presently offered at the Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY location of Papaya King, at 179 East 86th Street. Papaya King has another location on St. Marks Place, one in Brooklyn, NY, and two in Las Vegas. We of course are hoping Pop Sauce proves so popular that it will be made available at the other NYC venues as well.