Pop Sauce™

Put an exclamation point on your favorite foods!

Pop Sauce™ is the new standard of condiment from Cheeseboro Kitchens LLC that goes deliciously with your favorite foods and dishes.

Pop Sauce "Rises" In Phoenix

Admittedly, having friend in the food service industry has been an asset in getting bottles of Pop Sauce into restaurants. As a lifelong New Yorker, most of those friends are also NYers, and Pop Sauce can be found in now a nice handful of restaurants, markets, and shops here in the city.

More exciting still, is having Pop Sauce served outside NYC, as it is now being offered for table service at Mulligan's Restaurant, all the way west of New York in Phoenix, Arizona.

The owner (who has just reordered several bottles) tells that customers are excited to have it and look forward to using it with and on their favorite restaurant dishes. 

Pop Sauce (USA) is now starting to genuinely represent that widespread appeal.

"Pop"-ping Up At UES's Cafe Jax

UPPER EAST SIDE, NYC — We are happy to report our newest server and seller of Pop Sauce™, popular Upper East Side, NYC cafe and coffee shop Cafe Jax. Not only have they been packing them in for the excellent, delicious, variety of assorted coffee and tea beverages and sweet pastries from local bakeries, they also offer a full menu of savory options of sandwiches and salads.

And now they too are offering Pop Sauce for patrons to enjoying on their favorite in-house dishes, but also to purchase to take home to put on their own foods and favorite meals.

So if you find yourself in the Yorkville area, feel free to stop in for a tasty hot or cold beverage, enjoy one of their house-made sandwiches (like the chicken salad with apple and melted cheddar on ciabatta roll, pictured her), and "put an exclamation on it" with some Pop Sauce, and/or buy your own Pop Sauce while you're there.

What will you put your Pop Sauce on?

Enjoy Pop Sauce In-House or To-Go At Lexington Candy Shop

90-year Upper East Side, Manhattan, NYC diner and luncheonette Lexington Candy Shop is the newest place to not just offer the newest standard of condiment, Pop Sauce™, on their counter and table tops to enjoy with their perfectly executed "throwback" diner menu items such as hearty breakfast dishes, classic sandwiches and their spot-on burgers — including their nationally famous Butter Burger — but diners who enjoy it can as well purchase their own bottles at the tony luncheonette to take home as their very own.

On the inaugural day of Pop Sauce being available at the diner — having won over co-owner Bob (pictured) with the sauce's unique taste, I introduced a friend to her very first visit to the neighborhood fave, she enjoying her Pop Sauce on a grilled cheese on bread bread and I on a double-decker fresh turkey, swiss, and bacon club sandwich.

Lexington Candy Shop

1226 Lexington Ave.
(at 83rd St.),
New York, NY 10028
(212) 288-0057


Of course Pop Sauce paired very well with both sandwiches (ample sized enough that we knew we wouldn't have room for their perfectly crispy-on-the-outside, airy-on-the-inside shoestring fries), and we can't wait to hear what Lexington Candy Shop dishes future diners — maybe even you, if you're local — enjoy their Pop Sauce on. 

Enough maybe even to buy some right there and then to bring to their own kitchens.

The Gift(s) of Pop Sauce!

Pop Sauce "Pop" Packs look to sell out a few weeks earlier than expected. If it does, it will be due to the increased of mostly repeat customers who are now ordering them in multiple numbers to then distribute to friends, loved ones, and fellow food enthusiast(s) as gifts.

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Pop Sauce Goes Wholesale At The Corner Deli

It's an exciting time when Pop Sauce — which was initially offered at Manhattan's Upper East Side Million Dollar Deli only as a condiment option for sandwiches and omelets — becomes so popular with customers that they request (demand!) that the deli make it available for them to purchase outright!

So 8oz bottles of Pop Sauce can now be purchased from the Million Dollar Deli (located on 84th Street & 2nd Avenue) to bring home to put on whatever you like!

Keep coming back to find out the newest carriers of the new standard of condiment.

Pop Sauce A Hit In Its First Deli/Bodega

Although it is practically impossible for it to not become the case, Pop Sauce has found its first deli/bodega home directly across the street from where it was first created.

And the news has been stellar, as the owners and staff report that Pop Sauce has become an instant hit, being requested for a large variety of sandwiches.

Most prominently of which seems to be their NYC standard BEC, otherwise known as the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Here's hoping that the Million Dollar Deli kicks off the trend of making Pop Sauce available on  a growing number of NYers's sandwiches as they enjoy it on the go or back to work or delivered to their home.

Million Dollar Deli | 1614 2nd Ave., New York, NY

Million Dollar Deli, Upper East Side, NYC

The (Off-Menu) "Pop" Burger Debuts at Milk Burger

One of our all-time favorite burger places, East Harlem's Milk Burger, has just opened its second outpost, on Bruckner Boulevard in the Bronx. And not only are they featuring Pop Sauce on their tabletops, but only those "in the know" can order the off-menu (not listed on the regular menu) "Pop" Burger, a double cheeseburger with grilled onions, sliced pickles, and your favorite new standard of condiment.

The "Pop" Burger is only available — for now — at the Bronx location, but Pop Sauce is available now at the Bronx location and soon followed at the East Harlem location.

So order you — or two if you with a friend — or any of the other burgers, sandwiches, fries, and/or salads that Pop Sauce also goes deliciously with.

Milk Burger (Bronx) *
148 Bruckner Blvd., Bronx, NY 10454 (Corner of St. Ann’s)

Pop Sauce is at SpaHa Soul — Three Ways!

We're excited to report that Pop Sauce is being both served and sold from popular modern soul food restaurant Spaha Soul, located in the heart of ever-popular East Harlem in New York City. Executive chef and owner Artist Thornton is a self-made small business owner, with bi-coastal food service and kitchen experience, and a deep-rooted and skilled finesse with adding creativity and nuanced to other popular southern-style comfort food classics.

A fan of Pop Sauce himself, Artist offers it to his diners table side, and as well — if more engagingly — uses Pop Sauce is a marinade for broiled pork chops — we call them "Pop" Chops — and as a savory, salty, sweet, smoky, and spicy sauce to coat chicken wings in.

The diners have been such huge fans of Pop Sauce that they have bought full 8oz bottles from Spaha Soul, and the service help enjoy putting it their own staff meals and dishes.

So treat yourself to some home-style, expertly executed soul food, and try Pop Sauce to add to the creamy mac 'n' cheese, or is the prep for pork chops and wings, or gift yourself (or a friend) a whole bottle to take home.

The "Pop" Burger: Where It All Started

Shortly after I came up with the first recipe for Pop Sauce (just to have a condiment at home to put on whatever food I had delivered), I was curious to see what more public opinion of it would be. Lucky enough, I was one of the managers at the restaurant I lived directly over, and had for years created dishes for the restaurant's menu, many of them burgers.

One of the burgers I came up with was the "Pop" Burger, which originally consisted of a thick beef patty, dry-rubbed with salt, pepper, and brown sugar, grilled to temperature, and topped with a slice of grilled onion, American cheese, pickles, and that early recipe of Pop Sauce I had taught the kitchen staff how to make. It immediately became the best-selling burger besides their classic burger, and it signaled the first ideas I had that Pop Sauce could have more commercial appeal.

Four years later (and a perfected-for-wide-appeal recipe later) I still make my "Pop" Burger, this time with two "squished" (thinner) patties, flattop-seared burger patties, seasoned with just salt and pepper — as the Pop Sauce recipe's flavors are now more "robust" — and the same grilled onion slice, bread & butter pickles, and American cheese. I serve them at home with hand-cut vinegar fries (handcut, skin-on potatoes soaked/brined in water-vinegar solution, then double deep-fried on my stovetop), that Pop Sauce, of course, goes deliciously with as well. 

Martin's Potato Rolls are the perfect match for nearly any burger, and work perfectly on the "Pop" Burger, as Pop Sauce itself goes perfectly on any other burger as well. I just think that Pop Sauce deserves a burger of its very own.

"Mighty" Good Flavor On The Go

The Pop Sauce "Pop" Packs are "pop"-ular because it allows food lovers to keep a bottle at home, gift one to a friend (without giving up your own bottle), and have a bottle "to go" to put on their favorite foods when they're dinging out.

Here, a 5-ounce bottle — that fits easily in a purse or shirt/jacket pocket — provides the convenience of balancing some of New York City's favorite brisket (at Might Quinn's) with Pop Sauce's signature "5 S" flavors of salty, savory, sweet, smoky, and spicy, without overwhelming the tender, juicy, near falling apart meaty brisket's inherent and uniquely delicious taste profiles and properties.

What will you put your POP SAUCE on?

Pop Sauce Helping Feed The Bright Minds of Tomorrow

We at Cheeseboro Kitchens are happy to announce that the venerable New York City preparatory institution Collegiate School is now offering and serving Pop Sauce in the cafeteria that feeds over 500 young minds from grades K through 12!

Alumni Director Jesse Cohen, already a fan of the sauce, introduced the school's executive chef James Raffaniello (formerly of Manhattan's Le Bernadin), who loves the sauce and is likewise thrilled to make it available it to the school's students and faculty along with his fine cuisine — all hopefully new avid fans as well.

Second Pop Sauce shelf space at Dorian's Seafood Market

The Upper East Side of Manhattan continues to show its love for a product created in its neighborhood by a local epicure.

Popular go-to fish shop Dorian's Seafood Restaurant is now selling 8 oz bottles of Pop Sauce to old fans and new, happy converts, and will be using Pop Sauce in some of its in-house food preps as well. (You should try Pop Sauce in one of their hearty, delicious chowders!)


1580 York Avenue
New York, NY 10028


Pop Sauce at famed NYC butchers Schaller & Weber!

Pop Sauce is proud to premiere its first official (and exclusive) shelf space at Schaller & Weber, the venerable 87-year old German butcher and deli ("pork shop"), in tony Yorkville on Manhattan, New York's Upper East Side. 

Visit S&W and pick up an 8oz bottle of the new standard of condiment — and treat yourself to some authentic brats, potato salad, or so much more, to put delicious Pop Sauce on!

Schaller & Weber
1654 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10028